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Your Greatest Weapons Against Counterfeit Cannabis Products

Your Greatest Weapons Against Counterfeit Cannabis Products

Your Greatest Weapons Against Counterfeit Cannabis Products

Your Greatest Weapons Against Counterfeit Cannabis Products 1280 851 Herban Creative

How to Win Against Counterfeit Cannabis Products

Like any industry, the cannabis industry has its major brands and its smaller outlets. And like any industry, there are people out there who attempt to profit off of the work of well-known brands by producing counterfeit cannabis products designed to look like the real thing. But just because these counterfeit products look the part, does not mean that they are built with the same quality—and that is where the real threat to your brand appears. Read on to find the weapons available to beat out this false competition.

What is counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is the intentional and calculated reproduction of a genuine article (your brand’s vaporizer, for example) for the purpose of misleading the recipient or buyer into believing they are buying the genuine article itself. For our purposes, it is basically the physical plagiarizing of someone else’s work with typically less quality and price due to cost-saving efforts by the counterfeiter who then profits off of the original inventor’s brand awareness.

Where is the danger?

Aside from pulling profits away from your company’s original product, it can also lead to harshly detrimental outcomes for your brand. If the counterfeit products are heavily identified as yours (even though they aren’t), there’s a chance for a lot of negative buzz if those products falter. Your brand could find itself indicted in lawsuits or destroyed publicly on social media by angry consumers.

What are my options?

In the fight against counterfeit cannabis products, the necessity to be prepared cannot be overstated. Ready your brand against copycats by taking action as early, and as comprehensively, as possible. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

1. Protect your property

Patents, trademarks, copyright protections—all of these are your allies in safeguarding your cannabis products against counterfeiting. With these protections set, you have something to fall back on when potential legal trouble comes your way.

2. Keep your eyes open and your lawyer close

Be vigilant for counterfeit cannabis products. Once spotted, you can take action. But action will not come to pass if you aren’t able to notice these threats when they appear. Speak to an attorney about setting up a watch program and communicate with retailers to stay in touch about warning signs they may be noticing in the field.

3. Make counterfeiters Public Enemy #1

Utilize modern tools and tech to spread the word. Social media is a great place to start informing your customers about the dangers of counterfeit cannabis products, how to spot them and how to know which product is the real thing. Publicize your official retailers and distributors. Consider making some manufacturing changes to make your products unique and more difficult to replicate.

Stay safe out there.

If you keep these thoughts in mind as you launch your products and monitor those already on the shelves, you have a much better shot at staying protected when counterfeiters shake things up. In the world of legal cannabis, one can never be too careful in establishing their rights and holding them close.

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