In Need of a Cannabis Marketing Agency?

Marketing your business in any industry can be a challenge, let alone one in the cannabis industry. With its fairly new rise in popularity, it can be challenging to promote your business around the legal restrictions from state and federal laws. Consequently, as the industry grew alongside regulations, we began to see a rise in cannabis marketing.

In 2019 alone, revenue for the legal cannabis industry was $15 billion, and everyday people are seeing an increasing need to do business in such a quickly developing field. An effective marketing strategy with an understanding of the ever-changing industry has the capability to grow your brand’s true potential and actively reach your targeted audience.

Why Herban Creative?

Marketing isn’t just our day to day job, and your business isn’t just another customer. At Herban Creative, our team of marketing professionals work to ensure we are accurately steering your brand in the right direction. The goal is to increase your presence and revenue within a growing market, one that is actively seeking your product.

From branding to new websites we strive to launch your budding business into the market with digital services to keep you consistently on the map. If you’re looking to take your new or existing cannabis business to the next level, medical or recreational, feel free to reach out so we can get started today!


Services We Offer

Branding: New to the cannabis industry? Is your current branding looking a bit dated or misdirected? Let Herban Creative bring together a distinctive twist on your business through logo design, messaging, imagery, and more that proudly work to represent your business in front of the right audience.

Web Design: An aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website is your first step to success. Let our team of experienced graphic designers and web developers turn your brand into a website complete with the latest trends and have-to-have features.

Integrated Digital Marketing: Get your marketing campaign off the ground with our integrated digital marketing services. Reach your consumers through our social media, paid search, and email campaigns while we push your website to the top of search engine results through strategic on-page and off-page SEO tactics.



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