Herban Creative’s Custom Photography & Videography Services.

Allow Herban Creative to bring your cannabis brand to life through our custom photography and videography services. Our in-house production team provides the highest quality professional assets that we can then use to further your digital marketing initiatives and help you stand out from the competition.

Let’s Bring Your Brand to Life

We work with you through every step of our production process, so you only have to work with one company—Herban Creative.


Before our photo and video shoot, we schedule an initial start meeting to ensure all pre-production needs are met. Next, our team prepares storyboards, shot lists, prop lists, equipment lists, scripts, etc., so the shoot runs smoothly.

On or Off-Site Shoots

Depending on the needs of your business, we can conduct on-site shoots at your preferred location or utilize our in-house studio space at our Morristown, NJ headquarters.


Once the shoot concludes, our expert team gets to work on editing, color correcting, color grading, sound design, transitions, formatting, overlays, and more to ensure the final product is to your liking.

Next Steps

When working with us, our digital strategists can use these files to showcase your brand on a freshly designed website, in an engaging email marketing campaign, and through strategic social media advertising efforts. If you’re also looking to start a digital marketing campaign with Herban Creative, contact us today!