Creative Website Design to Blow Your Mind

We live in a technologically-heavy society, where having a strong digital presence is everything. Not having a fully functioning, user-friendly website that’s easy on the eyes is almost a guaranteed loss of business. A website can be the determining trust factor for your consumers, so if your website doesn’t match their standards, you’ll lose what could’ve been a loyal customer. Your website should epitomize who you are as a company and how your products or services can solve a problem for your consumers.

Your website is often your first impression as a business, so creative website design is a must!

Building Your Site

At Herban Creative, we typically work with WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), to build the majority of sites – both B2B and B2C. We also utilize ecommerce platforms such as Magento. Our team of in-house developers is ready to roll when you are. We are here to ensure your custom designed site is built with all the necessities, including:

Mobile Responsive: At this point, it’s not news that mobile-friendly websites are a must. All sites should be optimized for viewing on-the-go. A mobile responsive website is a website looking to attract leads.

SEO Foundation: Our designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists work thoroughly to produce a site rooted in SEO best practices. This sets your site up for a positive launch and the ability to climb search engine ranks. Of course, we suggest pairing this with our integrated digital plans that consist of monthly SEO maintenance focused on bringing you to the top of search results.

Training: All of our websites come with a CMS training class to help our clients make updates without the assistance of a web developer. We understand that not all changes are simple to make, and some clients just don’t have the time to make them – in which case, we offer maintenance retainers (our next point!).

Maintenance: Maintenance is important, not only for keeping your website relevant and up to date with company information, but also for keeping the site functional and up to speed with today’s latest tactics. With one of our maintenance retainers, all you have to do is send us an email regarding your requests and we will get them in the schedule right away.

Ready to Get Developing?

Herban Creative is a full-service web design agency – meaning we design, develop, launch, and maintain your website. Uniquely showcase your brand and all it has to offer with a brand-new website.

Contact us to learn more about our web design services and how it can benefit you!