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What is On-Site Cannabis Consumption?

What is On-Site Cannabis Consumption?

What is On-Site Cannabis Consumption?

What is On-Site Cannabis Consumption? 1280 850 Herban Creative

On-Site Cannabis Consumption in NJ

On-site cannabis consumption, or cannabis consumption lounges, act almost like a bar or as the name suggests, a lounge area, where people go to socialize and instead of drink alcohol, they consume legal weed ‘on-site’ at designated retail locations.

Cannabis consumption lounges are on their way to New Jersey after the state’s cannabis agency gave the green light late last year (December 2022). The Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s anticipated rules let cannabis retailers maintain indoor or outdoor enclosed consumption lounges while enforcing a 21 and up age requirement with a photo ID.

The commission plans to hold a 60-day public comment period for the set of rules and would approve any consumption area alongside the approval of the NJ municipalities. Several consumption lounges are planning to open their doors in Jersey City, including one already approved by the city planning board.

Application fees for on-site cannabis consumption plan to be $1,000 for all businesses, but micro businesses would see a $1,000 licensing fee, while standard licensing for other businesses would cost $5,000.

Cannabis Consumption Rules You Must Follow

Along with the mandatory age requirement, consumption areas have other regulations that must be followed. They include, but aren’t limited to:

  • No overselling to customers
  • No alcohol or tobacco permitted on the premise
  • No food sold on-site, but outdoor snacks and food are welcome
  • Must enforce cannabis safety
  • Lounges must be attached to a retail-licensed dispensary and cannot be standalone
  • Commission must approve the application for the cannabis lounge
  • NJ THC products are permitted, but patrons cannot bring in non-NJ THC products
  • Lounge owners must develop systems to prevent services to minors
  • Must have liability insurance

Marketing Your On-Site Consumption Lounge

The idea of cannabis consumption lounges is just getting started in New Jersey. It’s the perfect time to make a long-lasting impact on this market and become a well-known cannabis business patrons can’t help but flock to.

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