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Turn Your Cannabis Logo Ideas Into A Reality

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Turn Your Cannabis Logo Ideas Into A Reality

Turn Your Cannabis Logo Ideas Into A Reality 2100 1400 Herban Creative

Keeping Your Logo Ideas Unique in a Growing Industry

One of the fun attributes of the cannabis industry is the inventive logo designs that represent the brands. Across the market, the designs for these businesses are often visually appealing.

However, cannabis related businesses are popping up all over the place these days, and every business is trying to establish a spot in its local market. In order to be competitive in a crowded market, a logo that allows you to stand out holds precedence.

If you’re getting ready to design a logo for your cannabis related business, take a look at these considerations:

Try experimenting with color. It’s natural to gravitate toward the color green in your designs, but know it’s not essential. Don’t be afraid to work with other colors and see what truly captivates the brand you are looking to achieve.

Experiment with a serif font. Currently, the typography trend in cannabis logo designs is heavily sans serif fonts. It does look great with a simplistic design, but there’s a ton of interesting serif fonts out there waiting to make an appearance in the cannabis world. Since not that many companies are utilizing serif fonts, it might be a good way to make your logo stand out. Typography started with serif fonts, and we all know what’s classic never really goes out of style.

Know what your competitors’ branding is like. In order to stand out, you must know what you’re up against. Do an analysis of the competitors in close proximity. What does their logo design look like? How does their logo reflect their brand image?

It’s vital you differentiate creatively from your toughest competitors. Craft your logo design to uniquely represent your own company. Although, if you have a similar voice and audience as a competitor, one up them with a unforgettably stellar design.

Craft your design around your brand identity. It’s necessary that all aspects of business are consistent. To evaluate brand identity, examine your target audience. If the audience is 22-28 year olds, you’ll likely have more free reign when drafting your logo. On the other hand, if your target audience is young mothers, you’ll certainly need a more professional, clean-cut appearance. It’s likely mothers won’t be as keen on a business with cannabis plants plastered all over their branding due to their children.

In short, know your audience and dissect the way they think and feel about a brand like yours. By taking a look at their interests, motivations, and way of life, you should gain a better understanding of what they look for in a business like yours.

Don’t fret if you feel stuck in your design, as there are several tools out there to help you. As an experienced marketing agency, Herban Creative has members of our team who specialize in logo design. We would love to design a logo for you that makes your business stand out. Contact us for assistance, we’d love to hear from you.