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Top NJ Cannabis Creative Agency

Top NJ Cannabis Creative Agency

Top NJ Cannabis Creative Agency

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Let’s be blunt (see what we did there?), cannabis is not an ordinary product. So why would you use ordinary marketing to grow your cannabis business?

We’ve all seen the dynamite growth and unprecedented change the cannabis industry is currently experiencing. We are loving this goldrush, however, it’s a gold rush laden with guidelines, government restrictions, and penalties. Without an adept navigator, all of your marketing efforts could be futile. If you’re just looking to break into the cannabis market, or you wish to make your current presence louder, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn what marketing ideas we have up our sleeves for you.

 Partner with Herban Creative, an NJ Cannabis Creative Agency

Are you spending thousands of dollars on advertising, but not getting anywhere? Do you want more leads and sales but are unsure where to begin? Get help from our award-winning marketing experts at Herban Creative, our cannabis creative agency!

We’ve worked alongside Cannabis and CBD companies to bring their designs to life through eye-catching, effective marketing campaigns. We carefully utilize digital and when necessary, print, to get your brand noticed, fusing web design, branding, digital marketing, and photography and videography to turn heads. We stay on top of current legality of cannabis as well as conduct market research on current industry trends of the to tweak and perfect our marketing efforts for your benefit.

Web Design

It turns out people do judge a book by its cover. Many marketers know much of a website’s success comes from its visual appeal. It’s the colors, shapes, imagery, typography, white space, and overall visual balance of design that can make or break a viewer’s experience. Let our proficient, in-house graphic designers and developers build you an optimized crown jewel of a website embedded with the latest trends and eye-catching features.


What’s in a brand? It’s your promise to customers. Your brand exhibits all the values of your company. Likewise, if your branding is all over the place, your customers will depict your work as unreliable and undependable. We can help your brand stay crisp and clear with content that creates a reliable, emotional connection with your base.

Digital Marketing

When your brand is online, do customers scroll past your content, or do they pause? Digital marketing lets businesses forge a strong connection with their customers through SEO and PPC, email marketing, and social media marketing. Connect with your audience at the right place at the right time through our successful, effective digital marketing strategies unique to your company.

Custom Photography and Videography

Say cannabis! It’s important to capture the best angles of your business. That’s why we love to bring your cannabis brand to life through our custom photography and videography services. Our in-house production team offers superior quality, professional assets that help legitimize your marketing strategy and set your apart from your competitors. Plus, video is IN and the perfect asset to use in your web design and various digital marketing efforts.

Choose Herban Creative

Now that you’ve seen our marketing plan, what do you have to lose? Let’s create an intricate digital marketing strategy that will blow your rivals out of the water. Contact us today to get started on your cannabis campaign.