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The Dispensary Marketing Plan You Need


The Dispensary Marketing Plan You Need

The Dispensary Marketing Plan You Need 1280 850 Herban Creative

Up Your Sales with this Dispensary Marketing Plan

Congrats! You just opened your new cannabis dispensary and can’t wait to welcome everyone to the dank side.

However, unlike other entrepreneurs, cannabis dispensary owners have the unique challenge of navigating the heavily regulated advertising world. Since the substance is still outlawed in many states, you may have a hard time promoting your service.

Not to fear! We have a dispensary marketing plan perfect for your situation.

1) Understand Your Customers on a Personal Level

As vital as it is to acquire customers, businesses with the greatest prolonged success are those that take the time to craft a customer profile. Build your target audience personas out by segmenting their characteristics into categories, highlighting their age, location, income, and lifestyle—but also diving deeper, understanding their challenges, goals, buying motivations, buying concerns, and more. Using this strategy can also help you build accurate customer-centric promotions, such as loyalty programs.

2) Strengthen Your SEO

How are customers supposed to find your website and its services if you aren’t easily found online? Cementing a strong digital presence can help draw focus to your website. Since most customers are using Google to sniff out retail cannabis stores closest and most reliable to them, investing in SEO best practices can help your potential patrons find you online. The more you invest in SEO by creating genuinely helpful, relevant content, listing your business on directories, encouraging customer reviews, and so on, you can help differentiate your company from you competition in the minds of your consumers.

3) Stand Out on Social Media

Just because cannabis advertising is limited, doesn’t mean you can’t still promote your dispensary through social media. In fact, when it comes to digital marketing, social media may give you the most effective method to speak directly to your audience. Start by conducting research on which platforms your customers are on—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linkedin. Through your thoughtful, valuable content, you’ll receive customer feedback, build customer loyalty, exchange ideas, increase traffic to your website, and improve your search engine ranking, all while keeping a close eye on your competitors.

Posting organically to your social feeds will allow for less regulation, however, if you would like to start an affective paid advertising campaign on social media, contact Herban Creative! We’ll help you navigate the regulations and run a strategic campaign that actually makes it to the screens of your target audience.

4) Launch an E-Mail Campaign

Once you’ve gathered a hefty amount of customer information, you can now start your email marketing campaign! When cannabis businesses take the time to build email lists, they continue to connect with their prospects in a meaningful, unforgettable way. Recipients will have exclusive access to discounts, events, news, and much more—enough to turn one-time buyers into loyal patrons. What’s more, emails are also known to convert better than other marketing methods, resulting in a higher ROI for often a fraction of the cost.

5) Study Your Statistics

No matter how successful the marketing campaign, never forget to reflect and analyze your results whether through Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, or your platform of choice. Conducting a data analysis on a regular basis will help you craft smarter business decisions towards your dispensary and achieve long-term business goals.

Herban Creative Does It All

When it comes to differentiating your cannabis dispensary business, Herban Creative is your powerhouse for effective digital marketing solutions. Stop chasing customers and start catching them with smarter marketing tactics that produce real-time results. Contact us to make an impact on your audience today.