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SUNY Canton's Cannabis Course & the NY Cannabis Movement

SUNY Canton's Cannabis Course & the NY Cannabis Movement

SUNY Canton’s Cannabis Course & the NY Cannabis Movement

SUNY Canton’s Cannabis Course & the NY Cannabis Movement 1280 850 Herban Creative

Here’s What We Know About SUNY’s Legal Cannabis Course

If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis and its chronicles, you’ll be thrilled to hear SUNY Canton in New York offers an in-depth course on the history of cannabis law, simply called “Cannabis Law.” This class, which existed even before New York legalized recreational marijuana, is one of the two cannabis-related courses presently available at the school. However, “Cannabis Law” will not just reference law—it will also delve into other intersecting cannabis subjects, such as the medical marijuana movement, anti-drug campaigns, pop culture, and more.

The adjunct professor and former journalist, Casey Dickinson, created the cannabis course to dive deep into the history and law of the plant since most available textbooks on the subject merely describe how to grow it. They rarely go into any cultural or political impacts, which is important to study in today’s society. The course is well-received by students, with more material added to the curriculum each year to keep it interesting and relevant.

Young people educating themselves about cannabis comes at a magnificent time, as New York is now doubling the number of cannabis dispensary licenses to keep up with the fierce demand. Below we highlight New York’s sudden change to increase its issuing of cannabis dispensary licenses.

New York Doubles Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced the state will now issue double the number of adult-use licenses for cannabis dispensaries from 150 to 300. The Cannabis Control Board and the Office of Cannabis Management emphasized that they had received roughly 900 applications for cannabis licenses and had issued 66 provisional ones. Consequently, these licenses will increase proportionality in each region of the state, allowing more green entrepreneurs to participate in the flourishing of the cannabis industry and capitalize on the heightened demand for cannabis products.

As more business leaders plunge into the prosperous marketplace, competition and innovation are bound to soar, leading to superior quality experiences for patrons and benefiting all involved. Moreover, twice as many hemp stores mean additional locations for farmers to sell their harvest, an added convenience for New York customers to buy safer products, and more opportunity for New Yorkers previously harmed by over-policing during cannabis prohibition to obtain a legal license.

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The cannabis movement isn’t stopping anytime soon! From dispensary licenses to formal education courses, we are seeing states like NY change with the times. That also means competition is getting denser and denser for business owners in the industry—meaning fresh and effective marketing strategies are a must. Contact us today to find out more about our award-winning services that can help your business grow.