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Programmatic Display Advertising for Cannabis Brands

Programmatic Display Advertising for Cannabis Brands

Programmatic Display Advertising for Cannabis Brands

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How Programmatic Display Advertising Can Be Beneficial to Your Cannabis Brand

According to Search Engine Land1, programmatic display advertising uses automated technologies to buy, place, and optimize display advertising inventory. In simple terms, programmatic display advertising uses artificially intelligent software to buy digital advertisements automatically.

What are the Benefits of Programmatic Display Advertising?

Boosts Brand Awareness

Programmatic advertising provides marketers with the opportunity to expand their reach. This is due to programmatic advertising’s ability to reach ad exchanges2, ad inventory, and marketplaces across the internet. As a result, this allows your brand to reach much wider audiences.

Extreme Efficiency

Unlike some traditional forms of marketing campaigns, programmatic advertising provides marketers with real-time reporting – directly after launch. With programmatic advertising, you won’t need to wait until the end of your marketing campaign to receive reporting metrics.

Precise Targeting

Programmatic advertising will help create a seamless targeting experience for marketers. With the correct data, programmatic advertising will work to put your ads in front of the right people at the right time.

Why Programmatic Display Advertising is Valuable to Your Cannabis Brand

Programmatic platforms are extremely valuable to your cannabis brand’s marketing strategy. Due to governmental restrictions placed on cannabis advertising, programmatic advertising can offer an alternative to Facebook and Google ads. Although these platforms account for a significant percentage of US digital ads, programmatic advertising can open your brand to massive amounts of ad inventory.

Different programmatic platforms offer unique benefits and capabilities that depend on your cannabis brand. If you’re looking to implement programmatic display advertising into your cannabis brand’s marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to Herban Creative. Our expert team can help market your brand strategically to fit the cannabis industry’s restrictions. Contact Herban Creative today!