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NJ Cannabis Commission Announces a License Application Process

NJ Cannabis Commission Announces a License Application Process

NJ Cannabis Commission Announces a License Application Process

NJ Cannabis Commission Announces a License Application Process 1280 960 Herban Creative

NJ Cannabis Commission Announces How to Apply for a Dispensary License

The NJ Cannabis Commission announced it would open the application process for marijuana growers, processors, and testing labs starting December 15th, 2021. Additionally, it was announced that dispensary licenses will be open for applications starting March 15th, 2022.

The commission went on to announce that there would be no deadlines to file these applications and they would accept them on a rolling basis. The only licenses that are set to have a capacity limit are cultivation licenses, with only 37 new licenses1 to be issued until February 2023.

The NJ Cannabis Commission announced in October 2021 that they would award 14 new licenses2 to medical marijuana dispensaries, adding 235,000 square feet of space to grow medical marijuana in NJ. These facilities are required to operate as medical dispensaries only for a year before they can apply to grow and sell marijuana to the public.

Although NJ residents voted in favor of the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21+, the state currently only has medical marijuana dispensaries and growers. These dispensaries will be the first to have an opportunity to sell to the public once they certify that they have enough cannabis to meet their patients’ needs and the demand of the public. These dispensaries will also be expected to pay fees to expand their licenses into the recreational market.

Who Can Apply for a License

Any business can apply to receive a dispensary license. The commission announced that applicants that are women, veterans, or minority-owned businesses would receive priority. Additionally, applicants who have been arrested for marijuana-related crimes or are economically disadvantaged due to the disproportionate rates of marijuana arrests will also receive priority.

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