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New Jersey Laws: The Latest in Cannabis News

New Jersey Laws: The Latest in Cannabis News

New Jersey Laws: The Latest in Cannabis News

New Jersey Laws: The Latest in Cannabis News 1280 853 Herban Creative

How Far has Cannabis Come When It Comes to New Jersey Laws in 2019?

According to The Hill 1, the legalization of marijuana for recreational use has helped many states in the U.S. create new jobs and boost the economy. Massachusetts’ new industry is creating an estimated 19,000 new jobs and in Colorado, legalization fostered an industry that has an annual statewide economic impact measured at $2.4 billion with 18,000 new jobs. Although it’s nice to hear about other states succeeding in the cannabis industry, what we want to dive into is how far along New Jersey Laws have come.

New Jersey’s Legal State on Cannabis

Currently, New Jersey laws prohibit the recreational use of marijuana but allow the use for medical purposes. On January 15th, 2019, Government Phil Murphy spoke about these existing laws in his State of the State address and called for legalizing the recreational use of marijuana by adults.

“By legalizing adult-use marijuana – first and foremost – we can reverse the inequality and unfairness left from years of failed drug policies and shift public safety resources to where they can do the most good,” Murphy stated in an interview with The Hill.

It’s safe to say that our Gov. is on board with the legalization, and besides the positive economics and new jobs, he’s also focusing on making sure New Jersey law enforcement starts to focus on the illegal, life-threatening drugs.

According to 2, as of February 11th, 2019, an updated legalization bill and renewed debate in the State Legislature could come “any day now.” However, when a new measure might be introduced and when a vote could be held, remains unclear as of today.

New Jersey, just like other states, could use that extra tax revenue to fix our roads, bridges, communities, etc. On a positive note, recent progress on taxes and regulation, plus a push to act on legal cannabis before the Legislature gets caught up with the state budget and other legislation in the next few months, has pushed negotiations close to a resolution.

“Once we get out of the first quarter, we get into budget world,” New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association President Hugh O’Beirne said to writer, Payton Guion from, referencing the June 30th deadline for the state to enact a budget. “If it’s going to happen, (legalization) has to happen in the next few weeks.”

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