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Networking Tips: Growing Your Cannabis Related Business

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Networking Tips: Growing Your Cannabis Related Business

Networking Tips: Growing Your Cannabis Related Business 1800 1307 Herban Creative

Follow These Networking Tips on How to Expand Your Cannabis Related Business

When it comes to any industry, networking plays an important role in growth. Especially at the beginning of your company’s endeavors, helpful industry contacts can lead to business and new knowledge. For most of the country, cannabis is still new to the market, or a faraway concept. At the same time, in a few states, legal cannabis is old news. The cannabis businesses within these states are well seasoned vets in the industry. As a matter of fact, they were the pioneers who crafted the industry and its current standards. They’ve already experienced the do’s and don’ts, and there’s a ton that they can teach us.

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, it’s wise to gain insight from those who understand the industry a bit better. Which makes networking a vital piece in the puzzle of expansion. To do networking right, follow these tips at your next networking event or business outing.

  1. Build Relationships: Genuine relationships will get you farther in your industry. Don’t run around networking events merely trying to gain contacts and sell your business. Instead, start investing time in building actual relationships. These are the contacts that will help push you further. Not only that, but true industry relationships will tell a lot about the integrity of your business.
  2. Do Your Research: Before attending a networking event, look up who will be in attendance and what they’re all about. Learn about these people and their companies to not only know who to connect with, but how to do so. Completing prior research gives insight on what the attendees specialize in, and sparks topic ideas for you to bring up in person. Additionally, acknowledging that you already know a bit about their business displays your interest in what they do. This will excite your colleagues and naturally direct the conversation, not to mention this will make you more memorable.
  3. Ask Questions: Historically, asking questions is an excellent way to learn. Set your ego aside and be willing to ask and learn from others in your industry. Doing so will create a true dialogue, and you’ll likely get more out of the conversation. It exemplifies your care and dedication to the industry.
  4.  Be Attentive and Listen: Coinciding with relationship building, is listening. If you want to expand your business, you must be attentive to what other entrepreneurs in the industry have to say. Listening is an overlooked, yet excellent way to engage with new people. When you make the effort to listen to others, you not only network, but you learn too.
  5. Prep for potential conversations: If you’re headed to a networking event with the leaders in your industry, it’s crucial you’re well prepared. Find a way to clearly articulate what your business is all about in a concise and clear manner. Have an elevator pitch ready to go. Also, exude confidence while discussing your company, show that you’re sure of what you’re selling. It will add to your professionalism, and ideally, make conversing with others a much easier task.
  6. Make an impression: There are often a ton of people at networking events. Because of this, if you don’t make an impression, you’ll easily be forgotten. Take your time to really engage with whoever you’re speaking with, and find your unique way to positively stand out in others’ minds.
  7.  Business cards: A memorable and professional business card is a power tool in networking as you pass along contact information through design. Craft an image for your business knowing first impressions dictate a lasting opinion. It’s essential your business card reinforces the intrigue and professionalism you established when talking with colleagues.
  8. Follow up: While you’re still top-of-mind, reach out to those you connected with at the event. Send them a thoughtful email, even something as simple as expressing how great it was to meet with them.

Make use of these networking tips and you should gain quite a few contacts in your industry. Be open to learning from your new contacts, and put in the effort to build lasting relationships. You can never learn too much or know too many people.

For more information on growing your cannabis industry business, check us out at Herban Creative. We can help you establish your unique brand and gain more traction. Contact us today!