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Marijuana Sales in NJ Continue to Trend Upwards

Marijuana Sales in NJ Continue to Trend Upwards

Marijuana Sales in NJ Continue to Trend Upwards

Marijuana Sales in NJ Continue to Trend Upwards 1280 850 Herban Creative

Tracking the Success of Marijuana Sales in NJ

The legalization of marijuana in New Jersey has been a huge success, with sales breaking records in the first month. According to a report from Bloomberg and the state cannabis commission, dispensaries grossed more than $1.9 million from sales of weed and related products to 12,438 customers on the first day of sales on April 21st, 20221. That number reached $24 million by the end of the first month and continues to trend upwards. Marijuana sales in NJ saw an incredibly lucrative showing that tells of the exciting future cannabis has ahead, putting money back into the community and more.

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Benefits of Legal, Recreational Cannabis

There are currently over a dozen stores open around New Jersey and several more are applying to become fully licensed dispensaries. There are many benefits from buying dispensary-grade legal marijuana.

Legal cannabis goes through a lot more safety verification checks, is grown by agricultural experts, and can be obtained at dispensaries around New Jersey. According to, in June 2022, three more Garden State Dispensary locations were set to open across central New Jersey. These places already sell to medical patients, who pay upwards of $220 for a card, but will now begin selling to anyone 21+2. This increases the number if NJ dispensaries to 15, with hopefully more on the way. More dispensaries will only increase the popularity of marijuana, eventually resulting in a much more cannabis friendly state.

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