Is Marijuana Delivery Legal in NJ?

Is Marijuana Delivery Legal in NJ?

Is Marijuana Delivery Legal in NJ? 1080 720 Herban Creative

Understanding Marijuana Delivery in New Jersey

Getting marijuana dropped off at your door is now a thing! Ever since New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy legalized adult-use cannabis, business owners have been coming up with new opportunities to reach their customers, including marijuana delivery for both medical and recreational purposes. Read on to learn the ins and outs of marijuana delivery in the Garden State.

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Key Requirements for NJ Weed Delivery Businesses

In order to operate as a marijuana delivery service, you must be licensed by the state, or the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC), which oversees NJ’s legal cannabis industry. These delivery services must comply with strict regulations regarding the transportation and storage of their cannabis products. What’s more, businesses must verify the identity and age of each customer to ensure they are legally authorized to buy said cannabis products. For medical marijuana products, a patient must also confirm their medical status by presenting their verification at the time of purchase.

Other requirements for marijuana delivery establishments are as follows:

  • Delivery vehicles should be unmarked with no company logos, wired with a GPS tracker, equipped with lockable cannabis storage, and insured for at least 1 million dollars in damages.
  • Businesses must keep accurate records of all sales, deliveries, training, employees, etc.
  • Vehicles can deliver up to the limit of 1oz of cannabis flower or the equivalent in concentrate form to each customer. You must hand deliver the item directly to the person that bought it and cannot leave it on their doorstep.
  • You cannot deliver via drone or any other unmanned vehicle.

Overall, allowing the delivery of cannabis in New Jersey is a great way for businesses to expand their customer base and increase profits.

Effectively Advertise Your Marijuana Business

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