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Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Cannabis Brand

Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Cannabis Brand

Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Cannabis Brand

Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Cannabis Brand 1280 850 Herban Creative

3 Creative Cannabis Philanthropy Ideas for Your Business

Understanding your role as a cannabis consumer, buyer, grower, or seller is important in the context of marijuana’s legalization journey. A lot of injustices and unfair laws of the past (and present) have worked hard to tarnish the reputation of cannabis in America. This new chapter in marijuana reform may be the new leaf that the cannabis industry needs. Focusing on cannabis philanthropy is an effective way to grow your brand authentically, draws attention to injustices of the past, and helps to create a more equitable future.

Idea 1: Acknowledge the Problematic Past

While the journey to cannabis liberation has been ongoing for decades, the ACLU found that over eight million people were arrested for marijuana possession between 2001 and 2010.[1] And of those arrests, police were three times more likely to arrest Black people than white people. The racial inequity of cannabis arrests have been seen for decades. Now, we work to rectify some of the harsh realities of past and present policies. Emphasize that the future of cannabis growing, distribution, and selling should not reflect the past.

Idea 2: Create Eye-Catching Graphics

Get a better grasp of the gravity of this situation by researching more data and startling statistics. You can make a creative and eye-catching infographic to bring your point across. Utilize a pie chart or graph to show the discrepancy of treatment by race, geographic location, and other factors. This can be an informative addition to your social feed that is bound to be shared and reposted by many. Infographics are an excellent way to share crucial information and help boost your brand’s presence on search engines.

Idea 3: Donate to Cannabis Reform Organizations

If you donate directly or have a percentage of your sales go towards helping any of these noble causes, your brand’s likeability is sure to increase. Younger generations are extremely aware of past actions and notice when brands take charitable action for causes they support. Take a deep look at past marijuana laws, their impact on Americans, and how you can take steps towards equity in cannabis.

The following organizations are worth exploring a partnership with for donations—or, you can promise a portion of your sales to one of the listed organizations:

Last Prisoner Project

We recommend partnering with the Last Prisoner Project. The Last Prisoner Project is dedicated to freeing the wrongly incarcerated for minor cannabis possession crimes and collects donations “for those who have suffered criminal convictions and the consequences of those convictions.” Through legal intervention, public education, and legislative advocacy, this organization continues to fight for their cause.

Marijuana Justice Coalition

The Marijuana Justice Coalition is a broad coalition of national advocacy organizations, convening under the Drug Policy Alliance. This includes the Drug Policy Alliance, Human Rights Watch, Veterans Cannabis Coalition, and more. They have joined forces with one goal: passing federal marijuana reform that both acknowledges racial justice concerns and benefits low-income communities most impacted by this issue.

Women Grow

Women Grow creates opportunities for women to succeed in the cannabis industry through their educational seminars, networking opportunities, and social events. They serve as a catalyst connecting future cannabis-entrepreneurs with current visionary leaders who can help them achieve success within this field of work. Being that this field has been predominantly dominated by men up until now, Women Grow is a welcomed organization. 

Work with Herban Creative Today

Gaining a better understanding of cannabis’s tumultuous history in America, creating eye-catching graphics to showcase inequity, and donating to a progressive cannabis-reform organization are all creative ideas to express cannabis philanthropy. Interested in elevating your cannabis brand and need a partner in promoting your efforts? Contact Herban Creative for more information about how we can help set your cannabis company apart and ensure your efforts are seen by your target audience.