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How to Market Your THC Brewery Brand

How to Market Your THC Brewery Brand

How to Market Your THC Brewery Brand

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Implementing a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your THC Brewery Brand

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry faces a variety of restrictions when implementing marketing tactics online.[1] But being aware of these restrictions can allow your THC brewery brand to create an effective marketing campaign without risking your ads being removed.

What Paid Ads are Allowed and What Aren’t


1. Billboards
Under certain circumstances, billboard cannabis advertisements are allowed. Yet there are still several laws and regulations that may prevent you from being considered for billboard advertisements based on what state you’re in.

2. Print Advertisements
Cannabis print advertisements have become more normalized due to the rise in many print marijuana and cannabis magazines on the market. As long as the audience is aimed at 21+ years of age and follows state laws and regulations, you should be able to advertise in print.

Not Allowed

1. Google Ads
As a corporation, Google abides by federal law, which means that it cannot allow for the promotion or selling of cannabis. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this by using keywords associated with hemp, which are allowed to be marketed.

2. Social Ads
Unfortunately, all social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are federally regulated. As a result, paid cannabis marketing on social media violates social media policies. Once again, there are ways to get around this, but it limits your brand’s reach and content possibilities.

How to Market Your THC Brewery Brand Safely

Develop a Brand Persona

Before you can effectively market your THC brewery brand, you must develop a brand identity that your audience can identify with. To do this, determine the traits of your THC beer that you want to highlight. If your target audience is more outdoorsy, use that characteristic to create a brand persona to differentiate you from competitors.

Create Valuable Content

Content can be valuable to your audience by including informative infographics focusing on your brewing process, a blog highlighting your different brews, etc. Creating authentic content can help boost your SEO, which allows you to connect with your audience and promote brand awareness.

Strong Social Media Presence

Like mentioned above, social media is federally regulated, which means that advertising your THC brews can be difficult but not impossible. One of the first places consumers go to connect with your brand is social media. Your brand should be sharing original, educational, and entertaining content that links to your website. Doing this will appeal to your target audience without directly using cannabis terminology, images of cannabis, or the promotion of selling cannabis. Instead, focus on your brand’s brewing and social aspect since that doesn’t go against federal law.

Although there are many restrictions placed against your THC brewery brand, there are still many ways to get your brand recognized. Focus on creating content that aims to grow your network, boost website traffic, and gain new customers. Herban Creative can help you get started. Our experienced team markets strategically within the cannabis industry restrictions. Contact Herban Creative today!

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