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How to Avoid Instagram Bans When Promoting Cannabis

How to Avoid Instagram Bans When Promoting Cannabis

How to Avoid Instagram Bans When Promoting Cannabis

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Tips to Avoid Instagram Bans for your Cannabis Business

When marketing your cannabis brand on Instagram, many businesses face regulation challenges. Some posts make it through the platform’s strict censors, while mundane mentions of marijuana may get flagged as inappropriate content. Their crackdown on cannabis content stems from wanting to protect people from misinformation, especially those who are underage. At Herban Creative, we have learned to successfully work within the framework of Instagram’s advertising regulations to make businesses like yours thrive. We can assist you in avoiding Instagram bans for your cannabis business.

Instagram Needs Better Cannabis Content Regulation

Instagram’s lack of clear policy-making has resulted in the suspension of thousands of accounts with little to no explanation. The platform’s current policies are not only outdated but also vague, which creates a hostile environment for users who are trying to use the app within the parameters of the law.

The legal cannabis industry is asking Instagram to update its policies in order to better reflect the current legal landscape across the country. There is even a petition that asks that Instagram (and their parent company, Meta) be more transparent in regulating what content is allowed on the platform. The changes would level the playing field for all businesses operating within the industry and allow for a clearer market.

Social media is a great way for these businesses to engage new customers, show their cannabis products, and invite people to experience their dispensary. Many of these businesses rely on social media to promote their legal products, so how come Instagram does not always serve their best interest?

Ways Cannabis Accounts Can Avoid Instagram Bans

While Instagram’s guidelines do not paint an obvious picture of what is acceptable and which content to avoid, here is our hand-crafted list of tips. Utilize these when marketing cannabis on your social media to keep your account from being shut down.

  • Do not live stream any smoking or product consumption
  • Avoid eye-raising hashtags like #buyweed #sellingweed
  • Do not post videos with low production value, as Instagram may think you’re scamming
  • Do not film customers without their permission
  • Do not record content when the subject is high
  • Do not mention cannabis prices or sales
  • Use professional rhetoric such as “partake in cannabis,” and not “light a joint”

As legalization of marijuana continues throughout the nation, it’ll be interesting to see how these rules apply to big businesses versus small ventures.

Learn to Market Cannabis on Instagram

Legalized cannabis is marketable, and Instagram can help expand your reach. If you follow the guidelines and avoid hiccups, your account should withstand Instagram’s policies. Reach out to our dedicated team to learn more about cannabis marketing on social media and to start a campaign with Herban Creative.

Perhaps your account was suspended and you’re looking for help getting it back? We can help with that too.