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How Dispensary Local Marketing Can Help

How Dispensary Local Marketing Can Help

How Dispensary Local Marketing Can Help

How Dispensary Local Marketing Can Help 1280 960 Herban Creative

4 Things to Remember in Your Dispensary’s Local Marketing Campaign

Dispensaries will be popping up across the tri-state area as recreational marijuana has been legalized. With a gradual shift from secrecy to public affairs, how will customers feel comfortable shopping at your dispensary? Better yet, how will they find it? That’s where dispensary local marketing comes into play.

Here are four commonly asked questions about dispensary local marketing, and crucial factors to keep in mind.

How Do You Market a Dispensary?

Marketing a dispensary takes strategy. Unlike other businesses, there are strict rules to follow when it comes to marijuana advertising. Campaigns may involve digital ads via social media or programmatic display, but digital advertising platforms often flag or outright deny cannabis-related ads. That means organic posting is the way to go when it comes to digital dispensary marketing, such as on social media or through a blog.

When it comes to local marketing, billboards, signage, and local SEO are extremely beneficial.

How Do I Get More Customers to My Dispensary?

By using billboards, signage, and local SEO, you can get more customers to your dispensary.

  • A well designed cannabis billboard can use simple messaging to make customers aware of your dispensary and provide useful information, such as location.
  • Signage on and around your dispensary will alert drivers and pedestrians passing by to your location. With an eye-catching design, it will stand out and resonate with people.
  • Local SEO isn’t commonly thought of, but it’s crucial to any marketing campaign. This includes all online listings of your business, such as your Google My Business profile. With an updated listing, including location, hours, and services, customers can organically find you by search key terms like “dispensaries near me.”

How Can I Make My Dispensary Stand Out

To make your dispensary stand out, consider your dispensary’s branding and website.

  • Branding and Packaging Design: With custom branding and personalized product packaging, your products will make a lasting impression on customers and keep your brand at the forefront of their mind.
  • E-Commerce Website: Your dispensary should have a UX and UI designed website with e-commerce capabilities, whether that be for delivery services, curbside pickup, or in-store pickup.

Can Dispensaries Advertise on Google?

Dispensaries and cannabis-related businesses cannot advertise on Google through paid channels, such as Pay Per Click. However, dispensaries can advertise organically on Google through SEO. By ranking for keyword searches through page optimization and blog writing, you can still experience a great ROI but over a longer period of time than with paid ads. Utilizing local listings is another way to organically advertise on Google.

Dispensary Marketing with Herban Creative

If your dispensary is ready for a local marketing campaign, contact Herban Creative. We specialize in campaigns for cannabis-related businesses and will create a custom marketing strategy that will drive customers to your dispensary. Our services include website design and development, branding, product photography and videography, product packaging design, SEO, social media management, and email marketing.