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How Did 420 Start? A History of Cannabis Marketing

How Did 420 Start? A History of Cannabis Marketing

How Did 420 Start? A History of Cannabis Marketing

How Did 420 Start? A History of Cannabis Marketing 1280 960 Herban Creative

How Did 420 Start? Learn More About This Cannabis Holiday

Like so many traditions and holidays, it’s hard to trace back the exact origins of celebrating cannabis on April 20th. Many people partake in this mid-April occasion by enjoying the substance and celebrating with friends. But, how did 420 start, and why do people worldwide know about its traditions as they are today? Let’s explore its origins and see why 420 is such an important part of cannabis history and advertising.

The Origins and Celebration of 420

Let’s take a look at one of the most common tales regarding the start of  420. Many publications credit the invention of the holiday to three teenagers who would meet at the same time, 4:20 pm, every day after school. These students, allegedly from San Rafael, California, would smoke up at that time every day, starting a tradition that transcended their small town.

Soon, the whole country and world would be using 420 as code for cannabis. From the 70’s to now, cannabis and 420 began to trickle into the vocabulary of non-smokers. 420 helped normalize the smoking process—similar to how “Happy Hour” resonates with the general public, even those who do not partake.

Like many traditions, people choose to honor 4/20 in a variety of ways. Here are some fun and safe things you can do, pending your cost for an Uber or designated driver.

  • Watch a Nature Documentary
  • Go to the Movies
  • Make Something Out of Art
  • Have a Picnic with Friends
  • Visit a Local Park
  • Go Cloud Watching
  • Order in Food from a Small, Local Business
  • Listen to an Album from Start to Finish

Spend your April 20th doing something unforgettable, and if you spark up at 4:20 on 4/20, be sure to think of the founding stoners who paved the way for your cannabis rights and legalization. Take a moment to look back on the journey cannabis has taken in our country and recognize that the future of this industry is only just beginning. 4/20 can be a time of reflection, celebration, and excitement for what’s to come.

Understanding 420 for Cannabis Advertising

As one of the largest cannabis holidays, April 20th, is revered for its chillness and encouragement to spark up. Marketers in the realm of cannabis advertising can benefit from understanding the holiday so that they can more closely relate to their target audience. Similarly, knowing some of the suspected origins of how 420 started is a great way to connect with cannabis users. Consider having conversations with your audience that revolve around the holiday and how they plan to celebrate. Two great marketing tactics around the holiday include:

Social Media Buzz

Using social media to convey excitement for 4/20 is a great way to drum up business. Drawing attention to the approaching day can lead consumers to make purchases in advance. You can also utilize your social media platform to showcase creative ways to spend your 4/20. Utilize the month of April to build up to your 4/20 sale and stay connected with followers who engage.

Email Promo Codes

Many 420 deals emerge from dispensaries or online cannabis sales. These discounts can begin up to a week before the actual date of April 20th, as some people like to stock up beforehand and avoid the rush the holiday tends to bring. Be sure to be strategic when marketing on 4/20, such as using the numbers to your advantage. Use 420 as a coupon code or offer $4.20 off any one item in-store or online. Consider sending out an e-mail blast to your customers to let them know!

Crown a Contest Winner

Contests on social media are a great way to get followers involved in whatever you’re promoting. Regarding 420, fan participation will likely be through the roof due to the amount of people celebrating in your network. Try posting a photo of a mason jar full of cannabis and ask how much it weighs. The comments section should fill with guesses and your post’s engagement will skyrocket. Offer a legal prize for the winner and encourage them to share your content. Make sure you follow all rules and regulations set forth by your platform of choice!

Choose Herban Creative for Cannabis Advertising

Make the most of April 20th by marketing your cannabis products to the fullest. Herban Creative understands how important it is to advertise cannabis with a celebratory tone and our team is ready to bring a fresh strain of creativity to your 420 marketing initiatives. For more information, reach out to our team today.