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Follow These SEO Tips When It Comes to Cannabis Marketing

Follow These SEO Tips When It Comes to Cannabis Marketing

Follow These SEO Tips When It Comes to Cannabis Marketing

Follow These SEO Tips When It Comes to Cannabis Marketing 2000 1328 Herban Creative

SEO Tips for Dealing with A Highly Censored Market

The cannabis industry, like any other industry, has to fulfill certain business goals in order to succeed. However, because cannabis on the market is still somewhat of a taboo subject, it can be difficult to construct a marketing strategy to cut through all the controversy. If you’re having trouble directing traffic to your business online, here are some helpful SEO tips to get you started.

Understand What Your Users Are Looking For

Any good marketing strategy is rooted in the understanding of what a company’s target audience needs. From these needs, they analyze how the users then go about fulfilling these needs (i.e. what they search for and how they search for it). For example, if your target audience works primarily on laptop computers, the keywords they search are often different than what they would search for on their mobile devices. Cannabis users, in particular, search primarily from their phones. With this in mind, you should use tools like Google Keyword Planner to run tests on which search phrases are most popular in their searches and then include those phrases on your website. If you know what your customers are looking for, you can then position yourself in a way that they can easily find you.

Google Analytics is Your Friend

Using Google Analytics is a great way to track important user behavior metrics. This includes how many unique users find your page from organic searches, which content is most popular, and, as mentioned above, which keywords are most helpful to include throughout your website. By actively tracking how people are engaging with your website, you can perform trial and error tests to see which strategies work best for you.

Optimize Your Site Speed, Usability & Design

Take a moment to think of how you’d search if you were in a hurry needed a last-minute item. Chances are, you wouldn’t be too forgiving if the website you clicked on took too long to load or was difficult to use. The thing is, even when people aren’t in a hurry, they’ll easily navigate out of a website if it didn’t load as fast as they expected it to. Ensuring that your website is optimized for site speed and proper mobile usage is essential to conducting successful business online. Your site should be user friendly, easy to use, and visually pleasing. A website that is properly designed can also be perceived as more reputable. User experience is everything!

Maintain a Blog

With the cannabis industry on the rise, more and more relevant content is being created with the potential to push yours further and further down the ranks. Having an optimized website means nothing if your content is old and is continually being outranked by newer posts. A great way to maintain an active media presence is by maintaining a blog. Here you can create informational articles that reel in customers by first providing them with useful information. Many people are looking for information about cannabis before deciding to use it. Answering their questions first on your blog could be the gateway to winning over more customers.

Still confused about how to employ effective SEO tactics for your cannabis business? The team at Herban Creative is here to help you perfect your SEO strategy and establish your brand. Contact us today to see how we can guide your business to its full potential.