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Distillery Marketing Tactics to Attract Millennials

Distillery Marketing Tactics to Attract Millennials

Distillery Marketing Tactics to Attract Millennials

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Millennials and Distillery Marketing

Distilleries, breweries, wineries, and the like typically have an audience that transcends generations. After all, who doesn’t like to enjoy a well-crafted drink in a comforting space? So, why should the adult beverage industry focus more on millennials?

Millennials are actually the largest living generation and the largest alcohol-consuming segment in the U.S. They also respond differently to marketing than boomers, meaning there’s more work to do than simply lowering the age range of your Facebook ads.

Millennials value an experience more than a product. Your distillery could have the best-made brew in the area, but if your location is lacking a certain allure, chances are you’re not reaching most millennials. Here’s how you can up the game of your distillery marketing.

Create a Brand That Resonates

If a millennial is going to spend their money on something, you can bet it’s from a brand that they relate to or enjoy more than just the product. This is where creating a brand is different than just creating a business. Your branding goes beyond your logo, colors, and fonts—although they’re important too! It should also hold a consistent feel, voice, tone, message, and overall look.

Encourage Two-Way Communication

To be relatable to millennials, encourage two-way communication. Especially on social media, be sure to like and respond to comments. Also, if a customer ever tags your distillery in a post or story, always repost it! This creates a fun way to communicate with your customers, gives a human touch to your brand, and provides an incentive for users to interact with your account.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is KEY to gaining the trust of millennials. For example, if one of your social media accounts is active but the other hasn’t been updated in months or years, this inconsistency can raise a red flag to a millennial. Another major player in trust for millennials is your website; does it provide accurate information and have a modern look? Having a user-friendly site could be the determining factor if a millennial chooses to visit your distillery.

Beyond your digital footprint, your physical location should be branded as well. We’re talking about employee uniforms, napkins, shot glasses, murals, and more.

Work with Herban Creative

We know, distillery marketing sounds like quite the undertaking. That’s why we make it as easy as possible for our clients at Herban Creative to launch a brand, website, and digital campaign. We’ll take care of the details so you can stick to distilling fine liquors. Get in touch with our team today!