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Defining Your Cannabis Brand's Target Audience in a Highly Censored Market

Defining Your Cannabis Brand's Target Audience in a Highly Censored Market

Defining Your Cannabis Brand’s Target Audience in a Highly Censored Market

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How to Determine Your Cannabis Brand’s Target Audience

One of the most detrimental mistakes that cannabis brands can make is generalizing their target audience. Although traditional pop culture may stereotype marijuana users, it’s imperative to avoid falling into the trap of stereotyping your audience.

According to a study by Miner and Co. Studio, of 800 Cannabis Consumers, 88% consider themselves a part of a new cannabis culture.[1] This new culture identifies themselves as social, sophisticated, and professional individuals rather than the stereotypical “stoner.”

Keeping this new cannabis culture in mind is essential when determining your cannabis brand’s target audience. Understanding consumers’ different cohorts is a critical component of creating effective marketing strategies that create value for your customers.

Different Cannabis Consumers

Here is a list of real-life cannabis consumers that would be detrimental to overlook:

Medicinal Users

This group of consumers use cannabis for its medicinal effects. Marijuana and CBD alike appeal to this cohort. These users often use cannabis to treat chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.[2] To effectively market to this group, your brand should advertise all the medicinal properties that come with your products or services.


According to a study, 84% of cannabis consumers are employed full time.[3] Not only does this debunk so many stereotypes of cannabis users, it’s also a massive percentage of people that your brand can appeal to. Your brand should highlight the relaxing and mindful effects that Indica-based products can provide professionals to unwind after a stressful work week.

The Creative Community

The creative types of cannabis consumers have always been a major driving force in the cannabis community. These types of consumers typically rely on Sativa-based products to inspire their creative pursuits. To market to this group of consumers, your brand should highlight the creative focus, productivity, and energy-boosting effects of using your products.


This group of consumers know absolutely everything there is to know about cannabis. These consumers are more likely to invest in high quality and expensive products and be well-versed in different cannabis communities. To market to this cohort, focus on your brand’s unique and exciting products that distinguishes you from other cannabis competitors.

For your cannabis brand to market to its highest potential, you must understand that there is no one type of cannabis consumer. Cannabis users are educated and diverse professionals, and knowing this is the first step to effectively segmenting your target audience. If you need help understanding your audience, get in touch with Herban Creative. We can help identify who you should be targeting and create an integrated digital campaign to reach the right people.

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