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Cannabis TV Ad Campaign: Is OTT Advertising Right for Your Brand?


Cannabis TV Ad Campaign: Is OTT Advertising Right for Your Brand?

Cannabis TV Ad Campaign: Is OTT Advertising Right for Your Brand? 1080 720 Herban Creative

The Benefits of Running a Cannabis TV Ad Campaign

As the cannabis industry balloons at an astounding rate, companies are elbowing each other to be top dog. One marketing medium that’s becoming dominant is television, where brands are dashing down the avenue of Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising to stream their ads directly to viewers. But how do you know running a cannabis TV ad campaign is right for you brand? We’ll break it down below.

1) Cannabis Consumption Rules You Must Follow

Dissimilar to traditional television, where advertisers select airtime for their commercials upfront and hope the right viewers tune in, OTT advertising allows for more pin-pointed targeting, thus cannabis companies can send out their message directly to their intended audience. Utilizing the streaming service’s accrued data on their viewers’ demographics, viewing habits, interests, location, context, time of day, and other metrics, companies can receive more accurate and profitable results than traditional TV advertising. Due to streaming services’ titanic and emergent user base, a cannabis business can voice its messages to a larger, more solvent audience.

2) More Creative Freedom, Fewer Restrictions

It’s pretty much universal knowledge that cannabis advertising is profoundly curbed, with mammoth-sized restrictions that vary from region to region. To reduce the risk of defying these rules, brands are quickly turning to OTT streamers, as these resources make it much easier to comply with various advertising regulations unique to each platform and geographic location. Furthermore, these reduced restrictions encourage companies to be more creative with their advertising, such as using interactive ads that incite users to complete a specific action and reveal a compelling message. Going the extra mile and adding a more vibrant element to your advertising can be more beneficial, invite potential customers to become a part of your brand, augment brand awareness, and deliver a heftier number of conversions.

3) A Plethora of Data and Analytics

Once at the sum of your advertising campaign, how will you know what resonated with your audience and what fell flat? Fortunately, OTT advertising gives cannabis marketers robust analytic tools, providing insight into engagement, viewership, conversions, and other vital metrics needed to set the direction of your next campaign. This isn’t always possible with other marketing mediums, which is why cannabis brands enjoy studying the effectiveness of their campaigns with OTT advertising and can make accurate data-driven decisions to optimize future advertising efforts.

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