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Can You Sell Cannabis Online?

Can You Sell Cannabis Online?

Can You Sell Cannabis Online?

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How Can You Legally Sell Cannabis Online?

As the cannabis industry continues to boom, many people wonder whether it’s possible to sell cannabis online. While the legalization of cannabis is spreading throughout the US and Canada, it’s important to remember that selling cannabis online isn’t legal everywhere just yet.

In the United States, selling cannabis online is still illegal at the federal level, even in states where cannabis is legal for adult use or medical purposes. This means that while it may be legal to buy and use cannabis in your state, it’s not legally permitted to sell it online or ship it across state lines. This includes any products that are derived from cannabis, such as CBD oils or edibles.


However, there are some states that have made exceptions for online sales of cannabis. In California, for example, licensed retailers can sell cannabis products online and deliver them to customers within the state. Similarly, in Nevada, licensed dispensaries can offer online ordering and delivery services to customers within the state.

Online Advertisements vs. Selling Online

What is the Difference Between Selling Cannabis Online and Online Advertisements for Cannabis?

While the legality of cannabis sales varies by location, businesses need to understand that advertising and promoting cannabis products on major online platforms is not permitted. For example, Facebook and Google do not allow ads that promote the sale or use of cannabis. This means that businesses need to think outside the box when marketing their products online. Social media and other paid ad strategies must be tailored to comply with local laws and regulations.

Selling Cannabis Online and Cannabis Delivery

Selling cannabis online and cannabis delivery are two different concepts, although they are often used interchangeably. Selling cannabis online refers to purchasing cannabis products over the internet and having them shipped to your home or another location. Cannabis delivery, on the other hand, involves a courier delivering cannabis products to the consumer’s doorstep without necessarily purchasing the products online.

While both online sales and delivery require compliance with local laws and regulations, cannabis delivery usually involves stricter rules surrounding packaging, labeling, and age verification. Additionally, online sales may be subject to stricter regulations in states where cannabis delivery is prohibited.

Keep in Mind

While the cannabis industry is proliferating, online sales of cannabis remain illegal in most parts of the United States. However, those interested in the industry should keep an eye on changing regulations and opportunities to sell cannabis online legally. Businesses must also remain vigilant about complying with local laws and regulations and develop creative marketing strategies that adhere to these restrictions. Ultimately, the potential for growth in the cannabis industry is vast, and businesses that stay informed and adaptable can take advantage of this exciting new frontier.

Stay Informed with Herban Creative

Although selling cannabis online is still illegal at the federal level in the United States, even in states where cannabis is legal for adult use or medical purposes, some states have made exceptions for online sales of cannabis within their state. Whether you are trying to keep up with the trends of the cannabis industry or you are looking to meet your marketing goals, Herban Creative is here to help!