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Can You Advertise Cannabis on Facebook in 2022?

Can You Advertise Cannabis on Facebook in 2022?

Can You Advertise Cannabis on Facebook in 2022?

Can You Advertise Cannabis on Facebook in 2022? 1280 960 Herban Creative

Can You Advertise Cannabis on Facebook? Even in 2022, There are Regulations

Social media marketing is an essential aspect of your digital marketing strategy. With an advertising audience of 2.14 billion1, this is a platform that marketers cannot afford to miss out on. With so many businesses reaching success on Facebook, cannabis brands may be wondering, can you advertise cannabis on Facebook in 2022?

Unfortunately for cannabis-based businesses, it can be challenging to navigate advertising on Facebook due to cannabis remaining illegal at the federal level. While there are ways to navigate around Facebook’s ad targeting guidelines, it can be easy to accidentally violate the platform’s terms of service when trying to advertise on the platform.

Here are a few ways you can successfully advertise your cannabis business on Facebook.

3 Ways Your Cannabis Brand Can Advertise on Facebook

Focus on Brand Awareness

If you suggest that your cannabis products are for sale, Facebook will flag your ads. Instead, you should focus your efforts on building brand awareness. By creating a business page for your brand, you can build followers over time and create lasting brand loyalty.

Take an Educational Angle

As mentioned above, avoid any language regarding the distribution or promotion of sales. Instead, emphasize education. This can include educational infographics, sharing thought-invoking articles, or emphasizing your brand’s positive image within the industry.

Avoid Using Cannabis Imagery

While all cannabis brands rely deeply on the cannabis plant for their products and services, you should not be posting any imagery of cannabis on Facebook when it comes to your ads. They will immediately be flagged and taken down before they reach your targeted audience. Instead, focus your efforts on creating eye-catching graphics based on your company’s branding to set you apart from the competition.

Other Ways You Can Promote Your Cannabis Brand

While Facebook advertising is a wildly successful social media marketing method, there are many other ways cannabis brands can safely promote their products and services without breaking any guidelines.

There are multiple aspects of Digital Marketing that can help with advertising and marketing your products online. Consider adding a blog page to your website where you can create SEO-optimized content to help boost your ranking on Google without paying for ads. Another strategy is investing in your company’s branding. This can include branded products with a custom-designed logo, matching website, and additional collateral to pass out at cannabis networking events or tradeshows.

Choose Herban Creative

If your cannabis brand is struggling to advertise itself without violating guidelines, reach out to the strategists at Herban Creative. We’re experienced at navigating the difficult restrictions placed upon the cannabis industry.