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Can I Promote CBD on Instagram?

Can I Promote CBD on Instagram?

Can I Promote CBD on Instagram?

Can I Promote CBD on Instagram? 1280 960 Herban Creative

Can I Promote CBD on Instagram? The Answer is YES!

Is your CBD business looking to expand its online presence into digital advertising? If so, you may be asking can I promote CBD on Instagram? And the answer is yes!

How to Successfully Promote CBD on Instagram

While it is possible to promote CBD on Instagram, there are potential roadblocks that may hinder your CBD ads from getting approved or, even worse, potentially shutting down your account. But by paying close attention to industry regulations and by adding organic initiatives into your digital marketing strategy, it is very possible to promote your CBD products. Here are three ways to successfully advertise your CBD products on Instagram.

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Run a Brand Awareness Ad Campaign

As the only paid ad initiative mentioned in this article, this option can be quite successful with a close eye on industry regulations. By creating a brand awareness campaign, potential consumers will be encouraged to learn more about your brand instead of promoting specific products. If you’re looking to create this type of campaign, avoid the mention of “CBD” in any of the copy because Instagram will most likely flag these advertisements.

Create a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a solid marketing strategy is essential to successfully marketing your brand on social media. In fact, brands that neglect to create content hinder their potential success because users want to interact with engaging content and not solely advertisements. While it may be challenging to share blog posts on Instagram, creating graphics or educational infographics that summarize your blogs is a great way to get users to interact with your page and be encouraged to explore more of your website.

Work with Influencers

For smaller brands, the idea of working with an influencer can seem daunting or even unrealistic. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With several micro-influencers in the CBD and cannabis industry, partnering with them to advertise your products is a great way to reach new audiences and potential consumers. While all brands compensate influencers differently, this can be a great way to implement a paid initiative without running the risk of getting flagged from Instagram.

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