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Can Email Marketing Help Your Cannabis Business Flourish?

Can Email Marketing Help Your Cannabis Business Flourish?

Can Email Marketing Help Your Cannabis Business Flourish?

Can Email Marketing Help Your Cannabis Business Flourish? 2000 1282 Herban Creative

Tips for Email Marketing When You’re Unsure of the Regulations

Email marketing is an amazing way to reach your target audience. With a single list – you have the power to connect your message with the eyes that need to see it. Email marketing takes most of the guessing work out of who might be the appropriate audience, allowing you to focus on your campaign with no time wasted.

What happens when you’re in the business of cannabis and cannabis-related products? Things get a little bit more complicated. State and federal laws are still ironing out the legality of cannabis marketing. The discrepancies on a state-by-state basis still leave certain digital marketing platforms with restrictions and an inability to support the cannabis industry, including email marketing.

Who’s out

We already know the highly restrictive selling environments of Facebook advertising, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords, and more. Unless you are providing organic content with an educational light – the hard sell is out.

What about email marketing? It seems that the big email marketing guns are out as well. Providers such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Aweber will not allow any content related to cannabis products, services, or business. There are even restrictions on providing cannabis licensing information for regulators, journalists, researches, and more. Any activity regarding marijuana, its products, and the industry could result in account closure.

What’s the solution?

One company who was threatened with account closure chose to build email marketing into their own database. Working with a digital cannabis agency could help alleviate any questions you may have regarding the restrictions and laws that are still present. The good news is we are headed in the right direction.

Once you’ve established the right tool to accomplish your email marketing needs – it’s important to offer solutions to your users. The challenges with direct mail and print advertising also rest on your ability to build a rapport with your current and prospective customers, and know where they’re at in their buying cycle.

Customize your emails

The members of your target audience are not all in the same stage of consumption. Some individuals have not yet displayed any interest in cannabis but fit the growing demographic of those who do partake. Others may be beginning the search for a dispensary and have not yet found the appropriate location or product. Some may be in the throes of research and evaluation. It’s possible that you may need to address an audience who has already established a brand or dispensary they like and may need some persuading to consider your brand.

Lastly, there are those that are ready to make a final decision and ready to buy. Each stage of the buying cycle requires a different message. It’s so important to address the needs at each stage so you can direct them to the appropriate solution – ultimately getting them to the last stage.

Email marketing is just one of many challenges present when it comes to digital marketing for the cannabis industry. Luckily, if you’re in the business of hemp and need help defining your brand and navigating the correct practices of digital marketing – we’re here! At Herban Creative, we’re skilled in content creation. We can create content for your brand that informs consumers and drives sales. Contact us today to learn more!