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A Greener Garden State – NJ Starts Legal Cannabis Sales

A Greener Garden State – NJ Starts Legal Cannabis Sales

A Greener Garden State – NJ Starts Legal Cannabis Sales

A Greener Garden State – NJ Starts Legal Cannabis Sales 1280 960 Herban Creative

NJ Starts Legal Cannabis Sales from April 21st, 2022

Did you know? As of April 21st, 2022, NJ started legal cannabis sales and the Garden State just got a whole lot greener.

New Jersey has just legalized recreational weed, meaning you no longer need to present a Medical Marijuana Card at your select local dispensary! Any patron over 21 can freely enter designated NJ dispensaries and partake in cannabis culture. This law also covers visitors of our state, who can now purchase from an authorized dispensary thanks to the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, Enforcement Assistance, and the Marketplace Modernization Act. For more information on this exciting legislative change, check New Jersey’s state website on the topic.

Can I Buy Weed in New Jersey?

The answer is yes! If you’re 21 years of age and older, you can visit a select NJ dispensary and purchase under one ounce of cannabis products. No special license or ID is required, however there are some limitations on how much you can buy, carry, and be in possession of.

How Much Weed Can You Buy?

New Jersey’s laws only allow patrons to purchase a finite amount of cannabis. Recreational customers are only permitted to buy one ounce of marijuana at a time, which could include:

  • 1 ounce of dried flower
  • 5 grams of concentrates, resins, or oils
  • 1000 mg of ingestible products like gummies or lozenges

Please remember to not indulge in any of your products until you are in a safe and legal location. Driving while under the influence of cannabis carries an extraordinary fine as well as smoking in public places. It is always wise to read up on local laws before partaking.

Advertise Your Cannabis Business in New Jersey

This is a huge development for New Jersey, and we are excited to see how this new law impacts businesses in the cannabis industry. If you are looking to get started in the cannabis industry or want help marketing your existing business, reach out to Herban Creative. Our team of experts can help you get online and start reaching customers today.