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4 Tips for Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

4 Tips for Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

4 Tips for Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

4 Tips for Marketing in the Cannabis Industry 1280 850 Herban Creative

Successful Marketing in the Cannabis Industry with Herban Creative

The cannabis industry is booming, with nearly 90% of Americans favoring the legalization of cannabis for either recreational or medical use.1

However, that also means competition is getting tighter and tighter, and it’ll take more than some good kush to light up in today’s marketplace. With advertising restrictions in both traditional and digital media, you’ll need some fresh marketing strategies to get your name at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Use these 4 tips to improve your marketing in the cannabis industry!

1) Dive into Popular Marketing Channels

Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are a few places to find your target audience. You can craft content like blog posts, graphics, or videos for these platforms—social sites they already trust—to get their attention. Just make sure to follow each platform’s regulations regarding cannabis advertising so that your account remains in good standing.

Once you have a campaign up and running, make sure you are tracking analytics—through the individual platforms or a tool like Google Analytics—to ensure you’re making changes to your ads where needed and adjusting budgets to accommodate.

2) Reward Your Customers

Everyone loves to be rewarded! Shoppers have more incentive to return to your business if you are running a loyalty program that will grant them special privileges for purchasing your products and more. Identify the specific rewards your customers would value, like gifting them a free item after their 10th visit or some branded swag like a hat that rocks your logo. You can advertise these rewards through an email marketing campaign that reminds consumers of your perks and gets them to sign up for your loyalty program.

3) Highlight Your Triumphant Brand Story

One of the best ways to attract new customers to your cannabis business is by broadcasting your inspiring, unique brand story that plucks at the heartstrings of your audience. How did your company begin? Why is cannabis your passion? Who are your main characters, or your staff? What’s a worthwhile customer story you have? What lessons have you learned in this industry? People love opportunities to connect with others, and this is the perfect way to bring your target market closer to your store with a compelling brand story.

4) Educate Your Audience

Many customers value content that offers them ways to support their style, health, and everyday habits. If you can provide them web content that educates them on certain cannabis subjects, news, and tips, you will see your brand loyalty and customer interest increase. For instance, you could put together a glossary on your website that lays out vital terms used in the cannabis world, or a video series about the benefits of cannabis for stress relief. Your customers will appreciate your tips and come back for more advice in the future.

This is also a great way to build SEO for your website. By researching valued keywords in your industry, you can simultaneously reach a larger audience and boost your site’s reputation in the eyes of search engines. The better you rank on search engines, the more users see your content and get to know your brand—which could lead to increased sales.

Build Up Your Cannabis Business

Growing juicy cannabis products doesn’t always equal success. Success in this industry requires a modern marketing strategy fluent in all the latest trends and strategies needed to make your business visible. If you are interested in any of the tactics listed above or have questions regarding our services, contact the digital specialists at Herban Creative today.