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4/20 Creative You Can Actually Use


4/20 Creative You Can Actually Use

4/20 Creative You Can Actually Use 150 150 Herban Creative

4/20 Creative for the Hard-to-Navigate World of Advertising

Here at Herban Creative, we know how to elevate your cannabis advertising to the next level—and that includes 4/20 creative ideas and marketing materials. Learn to stand out, advertise legally, and thrive working with our top-notch cannabis advertising agency.

If you’re like most people, you probably think of cannabis advertising as being little more than cheap stoner jokes and crude images. However, there’s a lot of potential for creativity in this field. In fact, some brands have managed to create clever and engaging cannabis ads that are both funny and informative. Most importantly, these ads successfully build a company’s reputability and empower prospective clients to consider using your services.

When it comes to marketing cannabis, many business owners feel stumped. After all, cannabis marketing is still a relatively new industry and there are a lot of unknowns. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative in your advertising efforts!

Cannabis is a sensitive subject and needs to be treated delicately to abide by social network posting guidelines. In this blog post, we will discuss some creative ways to market cannabis online for the big holiday. Read on to learn more!

Three Ways to Enhance Your 4/20 Creative

If you’re looking for some fresh ideas for your next cannabis campaign, then check out the examples below. You might be surprised at how far some of these solutions can take you.

Utilizing Targeted Ads and Banner Ads

A creative way to market your cannabis online is through banner ads. This type of advertising is a great way to reach a large audience quickly and easily. You can also target your ads specifically to certain demographics, which can help you maximize your results. Targeted ads allow you to filter your audience, pinpoint geographically where your ads will appear, and help to establish your brand awareness. Herban Creative can teach you the rules about posting cannabis related content so you can remain online without accidently breaking a platform’s rules.

Influencer Marketing and Its Benefits

Finding the right agency to promote your company can be a difficult decision, especially with such a precarious product like cannabis. There are several companies navigating these waters, helping cannabis companies connect with influencers who can make your product more desirable. Influencer marketing directly connects your product to the audience, resulting in potentially great sales. We have several connections in the cannabis industry and have a keen eye for finding talent. We can help you find the right spokesperson for your brand, helping add validity to your exciting venture.

Getting Social with Cannabis Advertising

Social posts regarding cannabis have ranged from the absurd and generic statistic-filled posts to fun and engaging videos that thrive on multiple social platforms. Aligning your company with the right social channels and leveraging your services with our next-level SEO strategy can put your pages in front of a 4/20 ready audience. Consider thinking outside the box for your next social post about the cannabis industry. We can always assist you in identifying what to post and even schedule it accordingly.

Making the Most of Cannabis Advertising

Designing 4/20 creative content and promoting cannabis through advertising can be a tough road to navigate alone. When you work with Herban Creative, we’ll share our multi-faceted approach to improving your cannabis company’s advertising strategy. Having new solutions that are effective in gaining sales and followers is a perk of working with Herban Creative. Contact us online to start a project with us today.