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3 Tips for Cannabis Email Marketing in 2023

3 Tips for Cannabis Email Marketing in 2023

3 Tips for Cannabis Email Marketing in 2023

3 Tips for Cannabis Email Marketing in 2023 1280 850 Herban Creative

Up Your Cannabis Email Marketing in 2023 with These Tips

The proof is in the data: Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to ignite and kindle brand recognition, sales, and loyalty. When a cannabis company’s space for advertising and marketing is cramped and cluttered with restrictions, email marketing may give companies a less-regulated pipeline to reach their customers. Through email marketing best practices, you can rope in new leads, educate your audience with bite-sized content, and convert leads into paying patrons.

However, the market is changing fast. What worked for email marketing in 2022 could fall flat in 2023. If you want to make an impression on your audience, embed these three strategies into your next cannabis email marketing campaign.

1) Interactivity

It’s hard to believe there was a time you couldn’t do much with email aside from delivering a plain text message. So much has transformed since the invention of email, and you should take advantage of it! Interactive email messages include swiping, tapping, and enjoying animated content such as:

  • CSS animated buttons
  • Star ratings
  • Roll-over image effects
  • Image carousels
  • Embedded videos
  • Anchor Links
  • Surveys

These components in your customers’ minds further widen the gap between your rival’s content and yours. These elements convey a more personal, exciting experience. It’s important to note that interactive email elements shouldn’t be confused with GIFS or dynamic content like timers, as viewers don’t usually click or tap these images. Still, they can add a striking element to your message. What’s more, if overdone, your email could become a spam trigger that leads email service providers to toss your email right to the recipients’ junk folder.

2) Hyper-Personalization

Personalization is great, but in 2023, hyper-personalization is far superior. Personalization uses historical customer data to craft a tailored customer experience, while hyper-personalization incorporates real-time data to offer an even more customized and relevant experience. In fact, it’s currently the leading email trend of 2023. This is because it reduces the effort of the buying process, is cost-effective, and significantly strengthens your customer relationships. By tracking customer data and paying attention to your customers’ unique personalities and needs, you can hyper-personalize your email efforts with:

  • Automatic Trigger Events (Abandoned Carts/Purchases)
  • Personalized Sender and Recipient Names, Subject Lines, and Messaging
  • Customized Offers and Discounts
  • Interactive Emails
  • User-Generated Content

Hyper-personalization helps augment the value of your products as it can appeal to numerous different types of audiences who enjoy the same product, widening your customer base and increasing your number of conversions.

3) Microsegmentation

According to Hubspot’s latest report, one of the two most effective strategies for email marketing campaigns is subscriber segmentation. It’s ineffective to create hyper-personalized email campaigns if you don’t slice your recipient audience into niches, as these niches enjoy different content, and don’t respond to marketing tactics the same.

To microsegment your audience, first leverage your demographic, physiographic, and behavioral data on each recipient. Next, group similar folks in the same audience segments. You can then craft divergent messages for each audience type. Divergent cannabis-related segments you could create may revolve around recreational customers, medicinal patients, CBD, vapes, edibles, accessories, and so on. Microsegmentation will significantly boost the likelihood of your customers positively responding to your email campaigns and taking action to become a loyal part of your following.

Partner with a Cannabis Marketing Agency

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