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2019 Trends in the Canabis Industry

2019 Trends in the Cannabis Industry

2019 Trends in the Canabis Industry

2019 Trends in the Canabis Industry 2560 2560 Herban Creative

What 2019 Trends Can We Expect for Cannabis?

We are on the horizon of significant change with the cannabis industry in the United States. According to SevenFiftyDaily 1, as it stands, recreational use is legal in 10 states, 1 U.S. territory, and the District of Colombia, and legal for medical use in 33 states, 4 U.S. territories, and the District of Colombia. As with any growing industry, more and more individuals are looking into the world of cannabis as a lucrative market with great earning potential.

With the market already inundated with cannabis vape pens and edibles, the 2019 trends are heavily predicting a shift in the nature of cannabis products, a differing target audience, and an effects-based outcome approach to selection. These are the 2019 trends we are looking out for.

It’s all about CBD

Ryan Malkin from SevenFiftyDaily explains that cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popularized cannabis products available on the market. Used in a number of forms – more and more this product is becoming the number one choice to relieve a multitude of health ailments. CBD oil has been used for pain relief, anxiety, diabetes, seizures, insomnia, cancer, and more. With its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) properties at less than 0.3% – the psychoactive effects are imperceptible. Hemp-derived CBD has moved into a less stigmatized zone due to the removal of Hemp on the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances. Hemp is no longer seen as having a high potential for abuse and is now regulated by the Department of Agriculture.

With these changes, CBD has been popping up in other forms such as beverages and sodas. It appears that over half of the consumption of hemp-CBD products in 2018 were in some ingestible form. It also shows that this growing market is beginning to impact the alcoholic beverages industry – showing dips in alcohol sales over recent years.

It’s all about low-potency

The 2019 trends are showing us that on average, most people are moving towards health-conscious options. The term microdosing has been circulating in recent years – which indicates taking a drastically lower dose, with almost undetectable physiological responses. Consuming a nonalcoholic beer infused with a low-potency dose of CBD will create just the right amount of impact, without feeling the full effects. Individuals are beginning to see the benefits of moderation and learning how to adapt the current products already on the market.


An interesting trend of 2019 is that individuals are purchasing cannabis products based on their effects. As it stands, there are products that can give you all different kinds of sensations. It’s amazing that someone could go into a dispensary and decide what kind of a mood they want to be in. The targeting approach here suggests offering your users a desired outcome. The names of cannabis products of the past may have been well-known to a select few, but it would be more efficient to take the guessing work out of the shopping experience and tell your customers what sensation comes from any respective product.

Target audience

Who’s buying these products? SevenFiftyDaily mentions a report by Cowen & Co. explaining, if we were to take a poll and see which demographics of the population would be frequenting these dispensaries – odds are the majority of people would say younger males. It turns out, we are seeing an increasing number of older women. On average, approximately 17% of the consumer population is 55 years in age and over. Because of the changes in legality and health benefits, the stigma has lessened for many individuals.

We are seeing some very interesting trends for 2019. People are starting to change the way they look for products. Are you unsure of your targeting tactics or need more information on purchasing behavior? At Herban Creative, we’re skilled in branding, SEO, design work, and social media. We can create content for your brand that informs consumers and drives sales. Contact us today to learn more!