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Using Facebook Ad Targeting to Further Your Cannabis Business

Using Facebook Ad Targeting to Further Your Cannabis Business

Using Facebook Ad Targeting to Further Your Cannabis Business

Using Facebook Ad Targeting to Further Your Cannabis Business 2560 1707 Herban Creative

What are the Necessary Guidelines when using Facebook Ad Targeting?

Social media marketing is a valuable marketing channel for many businesses. In fact, 8 million advertisers chose to market on Facebook in the first quarter of 2020.[1] Unfortunately, for businesses in the cannabis industry, following Facebook ad targeting guidelines can be a challenge. Since cannabis is illegal at the federal level, it can be very easy to violate Facebook’s terms of services when trying to market on the platform.[2] Here are some things to avoid when using target ad marketing for your cannabis business:

  • Do not suggest your products are for sale: Cannabis businesses must be very careful with wording when advertising on Facebook. If your ad suggests that you are trying to sell a cannabis product, Facebook will take down your business page and remove your ads.
  • Do not post self-promotional posts: Although the point of advertising is to market your brand, for cannabis companies, you should not be advertising the sale of your products. Facebook will remove your content if they suspect that you are selling or distributing cannabis products. Instead you should focus on the cannabis industry as a whole and highlighting your brand’s image.
  • Do not use cannabis imagery in your ads or landing page: It is crucial that your landing page is about advocacy. As a result, your page will be more likely to have a chance of getting your ads approved. Avoid using imagery that includes the use of cannabis.

What your Cannabis Business Should be Posting on Facebook to Get Ads Approved

By posting authentic and original content, the more likely you are to grow your audience as well as getting your ads approved. Instead of focusing on your products and sales, these are things you should be highlighting on your business’ page:

  • Post educational content: Sharing informative content to educate your audience is a great way boost your business’ reach while still abiding by Facebook’s terms of services.[3]
  • Post facts: Your business should be sharing facts, statistics, data, and research in order to further the legitimacy of the cannabis industry without promoting the sale of any products.
  • Post about advocacy: Make sure your audience knows about the stance your business takes on advocating for the cannabis industry. Sharing your efforts is a great way to create brand loyalty between you and your consumers.

Social media is an amazing tool when it comes to marketing your brand. Although the cannabis industry still has ways to go until it can reach its fullest advertising potential, our tips are a great first step to exposing your brand. As long as you abide by Facebook’s terms of services[4], your brand should have no problem advertising its products and getting your ads approved.

If your cannabis brand is in need of Facebook ad targeting assistance, reach out to the strategists at Herban Creative. We’re experienced at navigating the red tape of social media regulations!

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