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Staying Original in Cannabis Industry Branding

Staying Original in Cannabis Industry Branding

Staying Original in Cannabis Industry Branding

Staying Original in Cannabis Industry Branding 2560 1314 Herban Creative

Find Your Niche Within the Cannabis Industry

Marketing any brand usually begins with a vision and goal. The goal is to make your brand shine, and this is usually done by answering four questions that are on every consumer’s mind. Always ask yourself: what are you offering, why are you offering it, what makes you different than your competitors, and why should we choose your product or service? Marketing your brand in a legal industry can be a challenge; getting the right target audience, setting your tone, exploring the appropriate mediums, and getting users to engage with your brand.

Now, let’s consider the challenges of branding when your market has varied federal and state rules regarding its legality. The cannabis industry falls into some interesting territory with the limitations and regulations for social media platforms, and with the existing content of cannabis critics. Let’s explore some ways to tackle branding in the cannabis industry.

Change what they’re saying

It’s time to change the conversation. With all the content in opposition of the cannabis industry out there, it’s your turn to enlighten and engage your readers with new and informative content. Educate your readers about cannabis, the evidence-based benefits, and be prepared to be responsive to any inquiries they may have. Writing blogs and creating organic social media content is a great start.

The hard sell on social media

Social media and its various platforms have differing regulations regarding cannabis content. The common denominator is that it is prohibited to advertise any forms of illegal recreational drugs or their paraphernalia. Organic content, however, if used in an educational or artistic style is authorized. Choose wisely when you decide on your content, and how you plan to work around the limitations, without losing your bottom line.

Think outside the advertising box

Displaying ads are a little easier when you have a completely legalized industry. The cannabis industry requires more legwork. To make up for the limitations of digital marketing, utilizing some old-fashioned methods may be beneficial. Advertise your brand by hosting educational events and speaker panels. Consult with medical doctors and gather the appropriate research underlining the benefits of medical cannabis use. Allow people to see the face behind your brand and let them know you have done your homework.

Know what you’re selling

If you are in the business of producing or dispensing cannabis, you should know more about the market and its respective products than your potential consumers. It’s suggested that you become the go-to expert regarding cannabis, its upcoming laws and policies, and its overall impact and risks. If you’re well-informed, this may just be enough to put you ahead of your competitors.

Keeping it real

The reality of branding within the cannabis industry is that you will occasionally hit some rough ground. Owning up to any issues with your marketing strategy, content, and targeting is your best bet. Be real with your mistakes and don’t think for one second that you are immune to setbacks. The truth is that the industry in question is brand new, and being open to trial and error allows you to learn from your mistakes.

As with all industries, maintaining a loyal client base and netting new ones is the goal. It’s up to you to be responsible with your content. Try and be genuine with your marketing strategy and always continue to educate and inform. If you are looking for ways to have your brand in the cannabis industry stand out, contact our specialized team at Herban Creative today!