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Is Your Cannabis Business Taking Advantage of Local Marketing?

Is Your Cannabis Business Taking Advantage of Local Marketing?

Is Your Cannabis Business Taking Advantage of Local Marketing?

Is Your Cannabis Business Taking Advantage of Local Marketing? 1280 779 Herban Creative

Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Cannabis Business Using Local Marketing

Going local is an often-overlooked tactic when it comes to cannabis marketing, but it can bring in a heavy ROI if played right. 70% of consumer spending takes place within 15-20 miles of home or work1. Consumers value local businesses, and cannabis companies are no exception. Online cannabis retail tends to struggle due to strict regulation over digital sales2. So why aren’t cannabis companies taking advantage of local marketing? Read on to discover how utilizing local marketing can take your traffic to the next level.

There are several options within the realm of local marketing to consider implementing for your cannabis brand. While cannabis companies must act with careful consideration of the local culture around cannabis products—you may have a tough time sponsoring a Little League baseball team, for example—there are certainly ways to utilize all of these tactics for your business.

  • Send out mail to your neighbors with special deals or more information about cannabis to help educate, inform, and entice consumers.
  • Check into public festivals or other large local events and see if you can secure a table to show your colors to the community, offering closer looks at different products, purchase options, sales, and more. Or, host your own public event that encourages the local population to come out and learn more about your products.
  • Get in touch with local clubs or other organizations which may want extra funding and are open to cannabis companies advertising with them. A good place to start may be introducing more widely accepted CBD products in this advertising, so as not to associate the organization directly with the more taboo side of cannabis products.
  • Purchase local ad space to get your brand’s image out in the public eye. Use clever, clear ad designs to attract customers to your local shop without fear, like this trailblazing California dispensary ad campaign3. Just be sure to follow your state’s regulations when it comes to advertising.

Cannabis companies must lead the charge in local marketing in order to drive global change around the perceptions of cannabis, the regulations on advertising, and the amount of foot traffic being received by physical stores. Be mindful of your reach and of the makeup of the local community. This should help you find greater success in reaching new consumers by focusing on improving your local marketing techniques.

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