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Can Your Cannabis Business Benefit from a Company Blog?

Can Your Cannabis Business Benefit from a Company Blog?

Can Your Cannabis Business Benefit from a Company Blog?

Can Your Cannabis Business Benefit from a Company Blog? 2560 1920 Herban Creative

4 Ways a Company Blog Can Benefit Your Cannabis Business

When it comes to your cannabis business, blogging may be the last thing on the agenda, if at all. However, it should be a serious candidate for your marketing efforts. Blogs can drive website traffic, boost SEO, attract potential customers, and nourish relationships with current clientele. For a cannabis business especially, blogging is an incredible way to organically increase search engine rankings, as paid advertising isn’t allowed online. Let’s take a more in-depth look into each of these benefits of having a cannabis company blog.

1. Drive Website Traffic

When you write a blog, you’re not just getting one piece of long-form content. You’ll be able to repurpose that content in a video, email, or social media post. Each of these new pieces of content can link back to your website. With tricky regulations for cannabis advertising, you’ll want to get out as much marketing as possible. Blogs are another way to drive traffic to your website and include links to other pages on your site.

2. Attract Potential Customers and Nourish Existing Customer Relationships

An inclusive blog plan will be mindful of all types of customers. This means writing content that is attractive to both potential and existing customers. For example, blogs that answer a specific question, such as the difference between cannabis and CBD, or can help make an informative decision, will be valuable to potential customers. People that have already purchased from your company may be more interested in product-based topics.

3. Boost SEO and Increase Organic Rankings

As Google is the most popular search engine, getting a high ranking will be crucial for your cannabis business. However, Google advertising policies forbid recreational drugs in any paid ads. These rules can affect organic marketing, as well. While Google will allow searches about cannabis, keyword research on cannabis topics are often extremely limited. This means you’ll have to rely on testing searches rather than most popular keyword tools. It’s not impossible to rank on Google organically with cannabis keywords. It takes time, good SEO practices, and consistency.

4. Create a Standout Voice in the Industry

Blog content showcases a sense of dedication and knowledge to anyone visiting your website. It tells a potential customer you take the time to share what you know while telling an existing customer you offer resources post-purchase. There are tons of cannabis brands popping up, so your company’s voice must stand out among the crowded industry.

If you are unsure about where to get started with a company blog or do not have the time to produce content, get in touch with Herban Creative. We have the expertise to write SEO-first blogs amid Google’s red tape.

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