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Are Your Cannabis Product Descriptions Negatively Impacting Your E-Commerce Success?


Are Your Cannabis Product Descriptions Negatively Impacting Your E-Commerce Success?

Are Your Cannabis Product Descriptions Negatively Impacting Your E-Commerce Success? 2560 1707 Herban Creative

Tips for Optimizing Your Cannabis Product Descriptions to Drive E-Commerce Success

We know that people buy based on emotion1. But that emotion must be evoked, coaxed out of them, and connected to their needs. To have e-commerce success, you have to capitalize on the limited points of contact you have with your customer. Great product descriptions are the places to do this, with copy that both informs and excites.

In the cannabis industry, being clear about the qualities of your products is of the utmost importance when it comes to building your credibility, earning buyers’ trust, and enticing them to want to buy. Here are some quick tips on how to write solid product descriptions that drive e-commerce success.

1. Necessities Matter

First things first: You have to give your online customers all of the necessary information to make an informed buying decision. With cannabis products, this means including notes about the type of strain, its THC and CBD content ratio, its price, and any other descriptive information that legislation requires to be disclosed.

2. Explain the Experience

Give the customers better insight into what the effects of the product will generally be like. Does a strain give a more energetic, alert feeling or a relaxed, euphoric experience? What does it taste like? Telling more about the actual outcome of using the product will help your customers make an informed decision and hopefully find the overall purchasing experience a positive one. It’s up to you as the expert to guide them.

3. Get Colorful

Here is where you can really start to bring out the emotion that customers want when buying a product. When describing the experience they will have when using the product, and also when describing the look and quality of the product itself, don’t be afraid to make it more intriguing with colorful language and snappy sentence structure. Sell the product pridefully and show off why your product deserves to be tried. However, you must remember to be accurate and not falsify anything for the sake of selling.

4. Personalize

A nice touch to draw customers in even further is to personalize each description by mentioning what kinds of people might like using the product. For example, if a strain of flower that you’re selling is great for reducing anxiety and mitigating insomnia, mention that that is the case. People often browse according to their needs and calling these out will connect the dots much faster and make the customers aware of which products are right for them.

If you give your customers product descriptions that offer all of the information to be comfortable with their purchase, and then top it off with appealing explanations, you should see much greater e-commerce success.

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